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Mintwhale is AI-based
comprehensive investment platform

for ordinary users that allows them to effectively earn on the existing crypto assets

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MintWhale is launching an IDO!

The MintWhale token is on its way. Don’t miss our IDO launch date. Send in your contact data, and we’ll send you a notification as soon as the project kicks in.

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MintWhale is a new–age AI-based trading engine that exchanges particular shares of tokens of the portfolio at certain periods of time thus increasing the size of the portfolio positions.

Full Insurance Coverage For Your Сrypto Portfolio

Investors will be able to insure their portfolios. The profitability will be lower; however, this fully guarantees a 100%+ return on investment.

The platform provides a high positive rate of return 99.5% of the time. Nevertheless, sometimes the value of the portfolio may decrease due to sharp changes in quotes in the market. In general, the value of the portfolio will recover quite quickly, after a short period of time. But if you need to withdraw funds at this moment, insurance will help you get 100% of the portfolio.

Let your Crypto work

Algorithms perform careful trading between tokens in the portfolio ensuring positions growth with time. The strategy is AI-based and is proven on a long history of rates for different token pairs

This day

20 003,42

Friday, October 30, 2020


average APR for whitelisted tokens


platform profit is distributed among $MWL token holders

Growing your Crypto portfolio

Our goal is to increase the amount of crypto in your wallet and to ensure that it is backed with some perspective fundamentals

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Coins & Risks

You define:

  • which crypto your are going to invest
  • level of acceptable risk

And we adjust our strategies on basis of that factor

Seed Investments opportunity

Entering some projects at early stage may bring 10-100x returns.

We recommend to dedicate 5-10% of your portfolio to these potential skyrockets.

Our team is researching the market towards new potentials, trying to find early-stage opportunities.

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