Earn with us on Diamond

purchase/sale operations

Finance short-term trading deals with crude diamonds and receive a share of their profits.

Lend your USDT/USDC to a real-world trading business.

investment timeframe
4-6 weeks
Average APR (*Fixed Contract)
For certain deals (*Flexible Contract)
up to 37%

Our mission

We strive to give ordinary crypto users the opportunity to make money from businesses that have long remained available only to a very limited circle of people.

Diamond business at hand

How does our business work?

Stake your cryptocurrency directly into high-yield exclusive options on global markets that were previously available only to institutional investors.

More details
You are participating in the formation of an investment pool for the next purchase of diamonds under our contracts. The necessary funds are collected from various sources into a pool, and then payment is made to the supplier under the contract. After going through the logistics chain and necessary paperwork, we sell the batch of diamonds to one of our buyers, thus closing the deal and making a profit. This profit is then distributed among active contracts that our investors hold
Exclusive contracts

Exclusive contracts

We have direct contracts with state-owned companies in Angola and Congo (until 2027) to purchase 26,000 carats of diamonds per month

Exclusive contracts

Global Buyers: UAE, Israel, Belgium

Our buyers are mainly located in the UAE, Israel, and Belgium (we sell to a number of hedge funds and private investors).

Exclusive contracts

Exchange Access

The platform is backed by diamond business in South Africa (Sunrise Capital Pty Ltd), giving us access to the South African Diamond Exchange.

Exclusive contracts

Higher Returns

MintWhale Protocol boosts our liquidity for expansion, offering retail investors much higher passive returns than traditional markets

Pool Allocation

Let your crypto work

Strong fundamentals

We provide a unique opportunity to get a share of the profits from real-world deals. For this, you don’t need to start your own trading business. You can simply finance planned deals and generate income from them (minus the protocol commission).

This is fundamentally different from existing crypto services that offer either staking or yield farming. We make it possible for you to receive part of the income of a real bu

Investment options
Fixed term contract

We gain control of your funds for a specified period of time.

When it ends, we pay you an agreed percentage of income

2–52 weeks
from 18% APY
Flexible contract

The variable portion will be calculated based on the actual financial performance of the deal and determined after its completion. Typically, this portion averages around 17-18%, which can yield 26% APY with the potential for up to 40% APY (if the deal is particularly fruitful).

avg 6 weeks
8% APY
Yield (variable)
+ 0–32% APY

How does it work?

We accept only stablecoins as investments. In the future, the range of assets for investment will be expanded, but at the moment we want to avoid the complexities of exchange rate differences and corrections.

Select contract


We guarantee payment of the agreed percentage at the end of the contract term


We guarantee payment of a fixed part, as well as a variable part, which depends on the final result of a specific trading deal.


You can withdraw your investment at any time. If you do this before the contract expires, no interest will be accrued (for us, predictability is a must to plan trading operations).


Determine amount

You determine the desired investment amount independently and carry out the deal. We use an institutional-grade custodian (Luxemburg) to store client funds. Hence, all your funds remain safe


Get notified and paid

We notify you about the expiration of the contract and the accrual of profits. Then we return the funds to your wallet


Mint Whale Token

Our MintWhale token is under development! MWL is MintWhale's utility token. It runs on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and will be bridged to Polygon in the future.


Join us at TOKEN2049, Dubai

Our C-level team will be among the participants of the event. Looking forward to meet our colleagues and partners.

12 April 2024

Successful License application in Botswana

Diamond Cutting License and the Precious Stones Dealer’s License allow direct contracts with miners and local trading authorities.

02 April 2024

Diamonds trading deal (DT03-71) is completed.

Now we may share the KPIs achieved: ROI (Flexible) – 23%, ROI (Fixed) – 18%. Looking forward for the next deal in April.

17 March 2024

We start BETA Stage in a few days

The investment platform is in Beta stage now, so we start operations in a Friends & Family mode. Onboarding of new investors will be started in July.

25 February 2024