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100% insurance coverage

for the crypto portfolio that is invested in MintWhale


Algorithms make a mistake (which is unlikely)


The user wants to withdraw their assets


We pay the user the lost difference


The clients invested 5 BTC and 10 ETH

Engine makes a mistake and portfolio looks like 5 BTC and 8 ETH

The clients wants to withdraw their assets *In case it is protected by insurance

The clients doesn’t want to withdraw their assets

We compensate the amount of the shortage(i.e. 2 ETH)

The algorithm will balance the portfolio with time

Insurance is based on Insurance Fund

deductions from the platform's profit

deductions from the profit on insured portfolios

Choose you option

Protection of the investments.
Lower % of profit on them.

Higher % of the return on
investments and higher risks.

Insurance conditions

The number of crypto assets is less than it was initially

The client wants to withdraw their money

Available MWL tokens in the wallet


In case of emergency (when a large number of clients withdraw their assets after a cataclysm in the market) a debt repayment schedule is formed at the expense of the income that the platform receives from trading and will be done gradually in small installments

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