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MintWhale is launching an IDO!

The MintWhale token is on its way.
The start date will be announced via our social media accounts.


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What is it all about?

MintWhale makes the HODL process more profitable and interesting without any knowledge of the crypto field, IT technologies, or financial trading.

This is not AMM. We don't make a profit by staking or yield farming. Instead, we use specially configured algorithms and work with experts in order to build the right portfolio and increase it via cross–trading

Simple as 1-2-3


Connect your wallet

Set up

Let us know your investment preferences and limits


Watch your capital growth via our dashboard

How much you can earn

The results of the historical simulation provide the APR indicator within the range of 40%–350% for different pairs of tokens. Therefore, we can say about any minimal APR value that is provided by the platform and that in most cases this APR can be significantly higher especially if there are tokens in the portfolio that give good volatility in relation to the second token.

How much does it cost

There are no hidden costs related to the service. You earn - we earn. You do not pay for the service, instead - we take tiny % of your profit which will be generated by the platform and distribute it among MintWhale token holders

  • 0%
    fee for portfolio management and construction
  • 10%
    10% of profit will be distributed between $MWL holders
  • <5%
    platform token ($CFA) share in your investment portfolio


The project is both privately financed and is backed by Qulix Group

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